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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 24, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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talking about the show. [laughter] rob: let's talk about that. heather: we will, welcome to "fox & friends first" i'm heather childers. rob: and i'm rob schmit. here comes the health care push. heather: commander in chief warning of major reper cautions if they can't get the job done. good morning, griff. >> good morning, heather and rob, here we go again, the message quite clear from president trump, get it done or else, here is the warning he issued on twitter yesterday saying that, oops, sorry there, hold on one second. if republicans don't repeal and replace obamacare, the
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repecusions will be far greater than they understand. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to hold meeting but not what bill they will be voting on, repeal or replace or a new bill. one of the conservatives holds doubts. >> they will present us with either partial repeal or senate leadership plan which does not repeal obamacare but a pork fest full of all kinds of government programs and government spend spending. they are throwing everything and the kitchen sink. >> repeal and replace. i hope it's repeal and replace, you can't have a debate about
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either unless we get on the bill. we need a yes vote in order to change the status quo. >> senator mccain not back in washington, the margins means that the gop can lose one vote. the president is meeting with victims of obamacare where we expect a comment he will be with vice president pence, guys. rob: we do expect a comment. the president's statement comes this big push for repeal and replace comes as incoming communications director lays out a new vision for his department. anthony scaramucci promising to reset the culture and more importantly stop the leaks. >> if the leaks don't stop, i'm going pair down the staff because it's just not right, chris. it's not fair to the president or fair to america and people in the government but something is going on inside the white house that the president does not like and we are going to fix it. i would like to reset the
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culture inside the comms department so people recognize that i'm actually there receiver them. >> anthony scaramucci will travel with the president this week. president heading to west virginia for the national boy scout. heather: well that brings us to look at who is talking, former speaker of the house says that anthony scaramucci is the right person to lead the communications department because of his business backgrounds. >> scaramucci is very smart and very clever. i think he will be a fighter but not hostile and direct with the press and very tough in taking on things on false allegations or if things are inaccurate. if you're going to be one of the persons to be a shield, you better have ton of energy, things he knows so well that he would be able to, i think,
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dominate the news media and those kind of topics. heather: that's a spin from what we were hearing back on friday. we were hearing that he didn't have the experience in the political arena with all of the big issues but i think newt grin glitch is right there. that would be a plus for him. rob: yeah, i thought he handled the first press conference pretty well. i liked hearing him talk. i'm sad that he's not doing the daily briefing because he has a no-nonsense kind of attitude and job doer and i think the president loves that. heather: the media needs to learn, mainstream media that he has the certain sense of humor. rob: in a few hours jared kushner will meet with senior
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advisory committee. ahead of the meeting, the president tweeting as the phoney russian witch hunt continues two groups are laughing for a lost election taking hold, democrats and russians. donald trump, jr. and former campaign manager paul manafort will give private testimony later this week. heather: today democrats, they are going rebrand their party in an effort to spin things around back in their favor. rob: yeah, that's their big -- the measure here, i guess, a better deal. a better deal, better jobs, better wages, better future. we talked last week about how that might be a knock-off of the papa john slogan and stealing the president's basic theme and we have to somehow bring them back up so they can afford to have a decent life with the
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middle class average job. heather: would you want to make america great again or would you want to be better. i would rather be great than better? rob: yeah. they can't use that. that one is already taken. heather: exactly. you would think they would try to do something above grade. rob: they didn't have a good message in 2016 and let's look at a poll from abc news and washington post on what the democratic party stands for and a poll of an array of people, 54% of people stand against president trump, only 35% think an entire political party in the country stands for something. that's really scary when you don't stand for something. you're just negative, that's not going win. heather: we will see if action follows the logo. people don't think they stand anything, having a good logo or think it's a good logo if you
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don't have action behind it. rob: absolutely. heather: fox news for you, investigation now underway after grizzly discovery, at least nine illegal immigrants dead crammed inside a truck in what appeared to be a human smuggling attempt gone wrong. horrible story. kelly wright joining us. >> so far one man has been arrested and it's unclear whether bradley is the driver but will be in federal court as the investigation intensifies to find others who may have been involved in horrible crime of human trafficking, during emotional vigil for the victims, one community adviser says no human has to die in search for a better life. several minors among the nine people who died from heat-related issues inside the tractor trailer in san antonio, texas, 17 people rescued from the trailer are considered to be
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in life-threatening conditions, all of them were among nearly 40 immigrants found crammed inside the truck in 100-tree heat with no air-conditioning and no water. homeland secretary john kelly, the smugglers have no regard for human life and seek only profits. méxico and central america will continue to root out the smugglers, bring them to justice and dismantle their networks. congressman joaquín castro points finger at fellow lawmakers for the lack of immigration reform. >> no one person the responsible for that failure but it represents the systematic failure and today we saw part -- [inaudible] >> federal officials say that more than 100 people may have been packed at one point during
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its journey, two survivors telling guatemala foreign ministry that their final destination was houston. heather: we were discussing, you would think they were banging on the truck. rob: nobody heard anything, that's just terrible. heather: immigration raids for teenage gang members accused of terrorizing the communities. agents are cracking on 16 and 17-year-olds who enter the country without guardians. the raids happening nationwide, president trump has vow today illegal immigrants who pose. rob: army sergeant first class is accused of trying to share classified information with fbi agents that he thought were isis fighters. according to feds he we wanted to create an isis training video and hand out military advice.
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kang faces up to 20 years in prison. according to feds, sent messages to undercover fbi agents and met with them to discus an attack and allegedly planned to spend time in yemen and planned to escape to méxico and has been arrested for theft charge. heather: now extreme weather for you. millions of americans waking up to severe storms, you can see what happened to the homes there in northern kentucky, iowa and submerging town in water knocking out power lines, many counties declaring states of emergency.
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the storms causing cancellations across the country. janice dean tracking what is coming up next, good morning, janice. janice: northeast also getting slammed with a severe storms including floodings, flash flood watches and warnings posted for some of the big cities as the system moves east ward, i want to point out we have potential for showers and thunderstorms, some of them including heavy downpours and then across the northeast so if you are traveling in this morning, be aware we could have delays at the airports, on the roadways as we see this next moisture and later on in the afternoon a couple of inches, very short period of time and the country in six to seven days will get in the moisture with the exception of the west coast. rob, heather, bring the umbrellas. heather: thank you, janice. we were talking about this at the top of the show, it would have been a race of the year if it would have been an actual
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race. michael phelps versus a great white shark. rob: i don't know how they screwed up so badly. the shark beating fhelps by two seconds. it wasn't real. heather: if i wanted to see a gi shark, i would have watched shark nato to kick off discovery shark week. rob: they call it jump in the shark. heather: you should tweet that out. the time now is 12 minutes after the top of the hour and we will talk about new york's liberal and wait to you hear what she's accused of doing.
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rob: it is the group behind that fake trump dossier. what is this group all about and why is the founder planning on pleading the fifth? heather: the moment that you will want to watch over and over again, the son of u.s. marine crying tears of joy over new step mom's vow. there's nothing more important to me than my vacation. so when i need to book a hotel room, i want someone that makes it easy to find what i want. gets it. and with their price match, i know i'm getting the best price every time. now i can start relaxing even before the vacation begins. your vacation is very important. that's why makes finding the right hotel for the right price easy. visit now to find out why we're booking.yeah!
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and always working to be better. heather: mayor of minneapolis heads back to work today in the wake of fatal shooting of a bride to be. >> the problem is the institution. we do not want you as the mayor
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of minneapolis. >> democratic mayor appointing a new police chief, 28-year-old veteran cop redondo, the announcement comes days after a rooky officer killed justin day daymond, we now know that the officer who shot her only had 7 months training and was fast-tracked to the cadet program and now on administrative leave. >> five people killed and police say they have made no arrests in any of the shootings. this after president trump turned federal agents to turn things around. heather: well, combating addiction in america, new jersey now considering a law that would allow law enforcement to access its prescription drug
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database without a court order. the republican state senator who introduced the bill claims that it would help target doctors who might be unlawfully prescribing powerful medications and fueling the op id epidemic, chris christie claim that it would violate patient rights to privacy. >> homeless people kicked out of the new york city subways so the liberal mayor of new york who was brought into office for championing the poor and the less fortunate, well, kicked them out so he can have a clean ride. that's the allegation. police were told to remove panhandlers ahead from bell de blasio's photo op, wanting the stations to look nice in which he blasted cuomo, city hall denying these claims but a very ugly story this morning for the mayor of new york.
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heather: not a lot of surprise for folks that live here, though, just saying. a consumer alert for iphone users. the brand-new threat and why you need to update software this morning. rob: white house weighing in on the russia sanctions, this new bill and maybe democrats won't be able to cry collusion any longer. heather: michael moore is bankrolling the resistance. what he's doing for fans to try to take down the president.
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rob: in just a few hours, house committee will vote on giving veterans access to medical marijuana, this will allow va hospital doctors to give as treatment in states where medicinal marijuana is legal. david has said in the past, marijuana can be effective as treatment for veterans. if passed, this would move on to the full house for a vote. heather: benefit for nation's heros, veterans who have been hon rably discharged can shop tax free online in the army and air force exstore -- store. the move to deliver something on base within two hours of ordering. sounds like a good deal. rob: no kidding. okay, fox business alert, apple rolling out brand-new security features and issuing new warning
2:24 am
for iphone users to stop hackers who are trying to infiltrate through wi-fi connection. heather: tracee casual affect woe the potential critical attack. tracee: apple has a update, the virus is called broad pond and potential serious threat. you will need to install 10.10.3. 10.12.6. potential to ahack android devices but google issued security pack earlier this month. heather: if they alert you to download the update, you should do that. rob: get those updates all of the time. u.s. company micro-chipping its
2:25 am
own employees? >> yes. employees will be able to make purchases from break room, open doors, log into computers and use the copy machine by all scanning the chip which is implanted been thumb and forefinger under the skin. the company is expecting 50 staff members to be voluntarily chipped with the technology that's no larger than small grain of rice, would the chip have gps tracking system and the company says no. heather: i don't care, i will say no way. no. all right, so dunkirk, explosive opening weekend. tracee: dominated the box office weekend with better than
2:26 am
expected, $50.5 million, domestic debut, this is the best opening for a world war ii film in recent history and you may be able to credit fans of the group one direction for those numbers, sing e harry styles made acting debut in the movie, girls trip with jana pinkett smith came in third place. heather: i want to see dunkirk for sure. we are live with the warning from the white house. rob: we already know what senator elizabeth warren thinks about potential senate run from chris rock. who else is taking the senate run seriously? stay tune.
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rob: interesting. it's a rainy day in new york. maybe a good day to get lucky. who knows? heather: we appreciate you joining us, if you were. rob: unfortunately. 5:30 in the morning. pouring down rain. i'm rob schmit. heather: and i'm heather childers. here comes the health care push, hopefully these guys have been up all night working on it. president trump turning up the pressure on law make toaster repeal and replace obamacare once and for all. rob: warning of mayor repercussions. griff jenkins live. hey, griff. >> i'm not sure if they will get lucky on the third try to get it done but president trump warning
2:31 am
that they better get it done taking twitter issuing this warning. if republicans don't repeal and replace, the disastrous obamacare, the repercussions will be far greater than any of them understand. now, senate majority leader plans to put a bill on the senate floor for a vote at some point this week first opening with just a debate on it but the problem is that no one knows exactly what bill they'll be voting on, a repeal only or repeal and replace, one of the moderate holdouts that opposes strict repeal, senator susan collins had this to say. >> we don't know whether we are going to be voting on the house bill, the first version of the senate bill, the second version of the senate bill, a new version of the senate bill that would repeal affordable care act. i don't think that's a good approach to facing legislation that effects millions of people. >> but when asked if they fill again, does that signal the end
2:32 am
of the seven-year quest to repeal and replace. here is what senator john thune had to say. >> it's not. it's a vote for the status quo, but what will happen if and when that were to occur, whether he go back to drawing board and get a bill up. we will vote to repeal and replace obamacare. the question is now a question of if, it's a question of when. adding to the difficulty here with senator john mccain the margin of error means that the gop can only lose one vote now. the president is meeting with victims of obamacare this afternoon at the white house with vice president pence, we will see what he has to see as the pressure mounds to get things done. earth health get her done. thank you, griff. the communications director lays out and more importantly stop the leaks.
2:33 am
>> if the leaks don't stop, i'm going pair down the staff because it's just not right, chris, i think it's not fair to the president, it's actually not fair to america or the people in the government. but something is going on inside the white house that the president does not like and we are going fix it. i would like to reset the culture inside the comms department so people recognize that i'm actually there to receiver them. heather: anthony scaramucci will travel with president trump this week using the opportunity to focus the message and president trump heads to virginia for national boy scout. rob: in a few hours jared kushner will meet with the committee, he faces questions about his relationships with russian officials. ahead of the meeting president tweeting as the phoney russian witch hunt continues, two groups are laughing at this excuse for a lost election taking hold, democrats and russians.
2:34 am
donald trump, jr. and former campaign manager paul manafort will give meeting this week. >> we support where the legislation is now and we will continue working with the house and senate to put tough sanctions on russia until the situation in ukraine is fully resolved that is certainly isn't right now. heather: new sanctions targeting russia but also blocks the president's ability to roll back sanctions without congress' approval. house is expected to vote on the legislation tomorrow. rob: cofounder of the firm behind the debunked trump-russia dossier which had solicitous things to say about the president is pleading the fifth. subpoenaed to testify before senate judiciary committee. it's part of a hearing on the influence of foreign lobbying in
2:35 am
the presidential election during campaign, since company the company hired agent to look into rumors about president trump's social connections in russia. pleading the fifth now. heather: kid rock could soon be spending a lot more time in washington. according to politico, favor to win u.s. senate seat if he enters the race in michigan. gop consultants telling pot -- politico that his path would be easier than president trump's was and should take the rocker seriously. >> i ran, of course, and have been a comedian. i'm familiar with that, i think, that kid rock will have to make his case.
2:36 am
heather: kid rock announced possible senate run and if he follows he will go through against this woman right now debbie. i think he will win. rob: you're up against the old-boring politician, exciting celebrity, people vote. heather: backer of trump, president trump, i shall say. rob: terrible monday in new york, janice. janice: feel like a monday. make sure you bring umbrella. whether he see delays in the northeast, if you're traveling, just be aware, 69 in new york city, cooler temperatures across the northeast and great lakes, look at that, 60's on the map even towards the southeast because we have the frontal system past six hours, all of that moisture centered in up towards new england. we will see the potential for flash flooding, unfortunately
2:37 am
with a lot of rain in a very short period of time. we will get more rain in the forecast so flash flood watches and warnings are posted for millions of folks here, new jersey towards up state new york and long island, just be aware. maybe not only umbrellas but boots, rubber boots and -- heather: and a jacket. thanks, janice. rob: jordan spieth to win golf's oldest mayor. [cheers and applause] >> the champion. heather: this was something else to watch, 23-year-old coming from behind to win the british open beating matt by three shots in lekty fying final run. rob: speith celebrating from drinking out of the trophy from fellow golfer justin thomas.
2:38 am
heather: my dad was tweeting me during the entire thing. felt bad for matt, though. 20 minutes until the top of the hour and the democrats unveiling new slogan as they rally support for 2018. >> the number one thing that we did wrong is we didn't have -- we didn't tell people what we stood for. heather: is the party really offering a better deal or are they just running on an antipresident trump platform? rob: again, make this up, the suspect name fell -- felony living up to his name. heather: true story. the moment that you want to watch over and over, son of marine tearing over step mom's view. who's the new guy? they call him the whisperer. the whisperer? why do they call him the whisperer? he talks to planes. he talks to planes.
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rob: we are back with fox news alert, an investigation now underway after a grizzly discovery. heather: at least nine illegal immigrants found dead crammed in a truck in what is an human smuggling attempt gone wrong. rob: kelly wright on exactly what this means to our border security? >> it's unclear if james matthew bradley is the driver of the truck but he will be in federal court today as investigation intensifies to find others who may have been involved in this horrible crime of human trafficking. several minors are among the nine people who died from heat-related issues inside this tractor trailer in san antonio, texas, 17 people rescued from the trailer are considered to be in life-threatening condition, all of them were among nearly 40 immigrants found crammed inside the truck in 100-degree plus heat with no air-conditioning and no water. some of those found inside
2:43 am
included guatemalans and mexican nationals, during vigil for the victims at a church in san antonio, the emotions swayed from saddens to anker -- anger. >> texas lieutenant dan patrick taking the facebook to highlight the importance on sanctuary cities, sanctuary cities entice people they can come to america and texas and live outside the law and enable human smugglers and cartels. dhs secretary john kelly has vowed to root out smugglers and bring them to justice. rob: interesting, thanks so much. heather: thanks, kelly. rob: parents of little charlie are heading back to court today, a two-day hearing will decide whether this terminally-ill
2:44 am
child should be treated by a specialist in the united states. support for 11-month-old that causes muscle weakness. the uk will decide if charlie can be brought to the united states or taken off life support. heather: marines from across the country coming together to surprise a 92 world war veteran with honor flight after he was assaulted defending the american flag from the thieves who were trying to steal it. dozen who is receiverred in iraq and afghanistan presenting howard banks with a trip to washington, d.c. to see the world war ii memorial. >> people should be lined up on his porch to talk to him not ripping flags down. heather: very true. attack happened right outside bank' own home and police investigating. rob: infuriating. heather: absolutely.
2:45 am
rob: video going viral for the right seasons. son of marine overwhelmed with emotions as stepmom shares message for him at her wedding. >> i want you to be safe and to try the hardest and to be a good person. don't cry. [laughter] heather: joshua and senior airman emily said i do saturday in new york both newlyweds on active military duty and the couple will return lake hurst in new jersey. that was a wonderful story. rob: i need to watch the whole thing. heather: her vows were talking about how important he was in her life and how much he has changed her. now let's check in with steve
2:46 am
doocy who is coming up on "fox & friends". [laughter] steve: i've got another one. good morning to both of you, big program starts about 14 minutes from right now. "fox & friends", we talk to sebastian gorka and jason chaffetz and corey lewandowski. today he's patrolling "fox & friends", he's got the car and the uniform, he's got the attitude. he's a great kid and you will meet him today right here on "fox & friends". "fox & friends first" continues live in new york city in two minutes. stay with us.
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rob: all right. ugly new york, rainy and waiting for the traffic disaster that will come in the next couple of hours. let's go to the news, al gore has been outspoken on stance on climate change but the former vice president found dodging questions from a reporter when asked about controversial claims about documentary and inconvenient truths. >> looking back on that prediction, why did you make the prediction at the time and are you making a new one right now given the current circumstances in. >> well, first of all, we have seen a lot of progress since the first movie came out. we have the paris agreement now but we still have the ability to stop short of other points of no return.
2:51 am
rob: he's talking about claims that were made that by this point we would be in dire position in this country and in the world, claims that really haven't come true. gore with documentary called truth to power. liberal hollywood going against the president. film maker michael moore celebrating 5 million twitter followers by cutting 5,000-dollar checks looking to take down president trump. winners are to send him a message on which group fighting trump national or local they want him to send the cash to. so that's how he's fighting back in the resistance, i guess. heather, over to you. heather: well, a better deal, better skills, better jobs, better wages, that's the brand-new slogan democrats are set to officially unveil today but they are already being roasted across party lines, do democrats need a better message to win back voters that they lost in 2017 or can they use
2:52 am
this to turn the party around. let's ask former ohio senator capri. thanks for joining us this morning. your reaction to this new slogan? >> well, two things, number one and i've seen this on twitter so i'm not alone in this, it sounds like it's a papa johns ad. that may work to get a pizza delivery. heather: better ingredients, better pizza, something like that. >> slogans do not win elections, okay. what wins elections are ideas, action and an actual clear message for american people. so we need to not focus on short-term slogans, we need to actually reflect upon who we are as democrats, focus on an economic message, look, for example, to a 50-state strategy.
2:53 am
heather: redistricting. >> exactly, redistricting. heather: on the point on not having a message, you're right, abc washington post poll on what the democrat party stands for and they tend to agree with you, 54% say the party is just against trump. 35% voted that it stands for something. they have a problem with their message to go begin with. >> we do. we have problem with leadership as well. i home from ohio, democrats voted for donald trump because he had an economic message. when you look at the democratic party led by nancy pelosi from california, chuck schumer from the state of new york, we are missing, you know, the realities of middle america, rural america. heather: right. >> that's where we need to focus, so i would say let's step up as the adult in the room and
2:54 am
govern. heather: on the point since you brought up the economy, this is a sound bite from him in reference to what the democratic party needs to do moving forward and has to do with the economy, listen to what he had to say. >> we are going race peoples' wages and create better-paying jobs and cut down on everyday expenses they have to pay and give them the tools they need to compete in the 21st century so simply put what democrats stand for, a better deal for working families, higher wages, less costs. heather: can they follow through, capri? >> that's a lovely sound bite but where are the policy proposals? we need to step up and go beyond the slogans and show policy proposals and follow through incrementally from the local levels to the state level and federal level in coordinated effort, we do stand for those things but we have to execute
2:55 am
them and have action and we have to have a cohesive message that really works and can deliver. that also means working with republicans. heather: less elitism as well. all right, thank you so much, capri. i appreciate you joining us. rob. rob: all right, ladies, thanks so much. 55 minutes after the hour now and this is a great story coming up here. the search for a cell phone ends up with one guy falling down a trash shoot. you are going to love it. stay tune. i'll never find a safe used car. start at the new show me minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new
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. .
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heather: time now for the good, the bad beings and the ugly. first the good, a purple heart mystery sold. war hero's family reunited with the medal after it was found a decade ago along a road in new york. the medal presented by senator chuck schumer honoring world war ii sergeant bernard mackinamcnamara for his service. rob: flowfelony hudson. leading police on multicity chase. heather: finally the ugly, a man looking for a cell phone
3:00 am
falling in a trash chute. had to be rescued. he found the phone called 911 in the trash chute. responders had to pump in fresh air so he could. i wonder why he thought looking in the trash chute would help at all. >> we are going to vote to repeal and replace obamacare. it's not a question of if, it's a question of when. >> an horrific human smuggling effort in texas. hundred people found dead in a sweltering truck. >> anthony scaramucci vowing to sure up the leaky pipes. >> we got to get the leaks stopped. i'm a business person, i will take dramatic action to stop those leaks. >> i think he will probably do a really good job, particularly because the next business phase is going to be tax cuts, economic growth. >> today's democrats are going to rebrand their party. >> we're going to role out different pieces here that are quite different than the democratic party y


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